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Notre outil SEO doptimisation de contenu permet danalyser le contenu dune page web et dobtenir des conseils doptimisation de son référencement. Cet outil danalyse et doptimisation en ligne vous permet dobtenir une mesure de performance de votre page pour le mot clé sur lequel vous souhaitez vous positionner, avec des suggestions daméliorations éditoriales pour un meilleur référencement. Il analyse différentes composantes du contenu éditorial dune page web: les balises title et meta, les titres de la page, le corps de texte, les informations alt des images, etc. Savez-vous à quoi correspondent linformation Alt, la balise de commentaire secondaire small et la balise de métadonnées? Afin de vous aider à apporter des améliorations éditoriales et bénéficier dun meilleur référencement, vous obtenez des suggestions de mots clés à utiliser en complément de votre mot clé principal. Comment seffectue un travail doptimisation et de positionnement pour les moteurs de recherche? Comme nous lavons déjà évoqué, le SEO correspond à loptimisation dun site web pour les moteurs de recherche. Il rassemble donc un ensemble de techniques ayant pour but de bien positionner et référencer ce site web dans les pages de résultats des moteurs de recherche SERP.
Boosting Your WordPress SEO O8 blog.
You will add it as your Yoast focus keyphrase. The plugin will automatically evaluate all the content of the post and provide you with feedback of its quality based on the main keyword Focus keyphrase. Add Tags to Your Posts. WordPress is ready - straight out of the box - to welcome search engines. The tags'' features are one of those easy-to-use SEO features that you should take advantage of. Tags are basically keywords used for smoother navigation, listing identifying characteristics or topics for every page.
Keyword research for SEO: the ultimate guide Yoast.
After youve connected your account, you will be able to click the 'Get' related keyphrases button and find related keyphrases right away.: Find related keyphrases without having to leave your post editor. The related keyphrase feature is available for free, but if you use Premium you can also use those related keyphrases to optimize your content with the related keyphrase feature. This feature allows you to add related keyphrases or synonyms to a field in the Yoast SEO sidebar or meta box. That way you can easily optimize your content for multiple keyphrases and synonyms. If you want to know more about this integration, we have an article on how to use the Semrush related keyphrase feature. Check out results for singular and plural keywords. Should you aim for the singular or the plural keyword? Well, this depends on the query. As Google learns more about the search intent of your query, it is able to better guess what youre looking for. For instance, if you search for book, you get different results than if you search for books.
6 Best Yoast SEO Alternatives for WordPress 2022 - aThemes.
The premium version is quite affordable at just $39 for use on unlimited sites. More Info Download. Not to be confused with SEOPress, SEOPress or is an exclusively premium WordPress SEO plugin that aims to offer detailed on-page SEO and analysis. I think those analysis features are the thing that differentiates SEOPressor from Yoast SEO and these other plugins. Its also the thing that might push you to spring for a premium plugin. First off, SEOPressor helps you with all of the basics, such as setting your SEO titles/descriptions and social media information, creating an XML sitemap, etc. Then, you get the analysis options, including.: Multiple keyword optimization - analyze your content for multiple focus keywords, rather than a single one.
Optimizing for SEO with YOAST SEO - chloédigital.
Click on Edit snippet Note: You can edit the SEO title and meta description in one go. Write your meta description in the box. Close snippet editor. Alt-tags or Alt Text. An alt tag is a name you put to an image. I know you have been adding them but there is still some room for improvement. What is amazing about alt tags are they not only help search engines find your page but from an accessibility perspective, the alt tag will read what the image is to an audience who is using a special reader. Make sure all your images contain a unique alt-tag. How to create alt tags and what you need to know.: Name all of your images in a way that describes what they are. It is not compulsory to include your keyword or phrase in every picture in the post but you should add it as often as it makes sense. If some images are not related to the keyword, it is best to just describe them clearly and accurately even if the Yoast SEO rating is orange.
Meta Keyword -YOAST SEO Disappeared
Yes, the box to enter a keyword has disappeared. The only way is to use the YOAST 11.0 version. You can download the older version here.: Please scroll down to bottom of the above page.: And select from the COMBO BOX - DEVELOPMENT VERSION - 11.0. And download it. You are all set for free seo work of your WordPress website blog. Plugin Support Pcosta88. 2 years, 12 months ago. It is correct that we no longer support meta keywords.
What is the Yoast SEO Plugin? Bluehost Blog.
When setting up the plugin you will be able to do the following.: Connect your Search Console through the Webmaster tools tab. Create SEO title meta descriptions under the SEO section. Generate XML sitemaps. Use the social tab to customize each social platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram. and much more! Whether youre running a small business site or managing one for a large corporation, Yoast SEO provides the essential tools to optimize any self-hosted WordPress site for maximum searchability.
How to choose your focus keyword with Yoast WordPress SEO plugin.
Tips and tricks. Security and Privacy. Plugins Menu Toggle. SEO Booster 3. Delete Duplicate Posts. Yoast SEO: How to Choose Your Focus Keyword. What is a Focus Keyword? Be Strategic: Use Long-tail Keywords. Be Picky: Search Volume Matters. Be Specific: Know your Target Audience.
Comment optimiser Wordpress pour le référencement - Codeur Tuto.
Vous êtes un professionnel WordPress et recherchez des missions? Trouvez de nouveaux clients rapidement en vous inscrivant sur! 1 avril 2020 Comment installer WordPress facilement sur votre serveur? 1 avril 2020 Installer un thème WordPress. Jenny on 17 juin 2020. Je débute et suis en train de créer un site avec wordpress. Jai lu votre article afin daméliorer mon référencement mais le soucis est que je narrive pas à trouver comment trouver comment modifier les permaliens, ni comment mettre lextension SEO car cela mindique quil faut un plan Business pour installer les extensions hors jai seulement un plan personnel. Cela veut il dire que je suis condamnée si je garde ce plan à ne pas pouvoir améliorer mon référencement? Merci pour votre aide. Laura on 18 juin 2020. La modification des permaliens et linstallation du plugin Yoast SEO sont accessible à tous, sans plan Business. Vérifiez que vous avez bien suivi toutes les étapes dinstallation de votre WordPress, et de ce tutoriel. Vous pouvez également suivre cet autre tutoriel pour découvrir comment installer un plugin WordPress. Maxime on 18 août 2021. Je me pose la même question. Sans plan buisiness ca semble impossible daméliorer son référencement.
The Ultimate Guide to On-Page SEO with Yoast Plugin.
Twitter settings - Yoast. To list your site on Pinterest, follow the link in the settings tab to grab a verification code that you can then paste in the confirmation box. Pinterest settings - Yoast. Ultimately, you can connect your Google business page; however, I wouldnt waste time with it since Google will be shutting down the platform following a huge data breach. Yoast also comes with some pretty nifty tools that can make your blogging life easier. You can use the file editor to create and edit robots.txt and htaccess files. Robots.txt and htaccess file settings - Yoast. WARNING: Proceed with caution. This part is very technical, so if youre not familiar with this, please leave it to a professional web development team. With the bulk editor, you can make changes to several SEO titles and Meta descriptions instead of going one by one. Yoast SEO bulk editor. This can significantly reduce your time and effort if you want to make changes to multiple posts. Last but not least, you can import settings from other users or export your Yoast SEO plugin settings.
How to Use the Yoast SEO Plugin Correctly.
Internal links are a great way to keep people on your site and promote your other content, so thats super helpful. Automatic redirects: Changing URLs can be dangerous, but the premium version will create 301 redirects automatically so you can update URLS without worry. Other Yoast SEO Plugins. There are also other premium Yoast SEO plugins from Yoast that focus on specialized cases.: Video SEO: If your site uses loads of video, this plugin can optimize videos for search engines. Local SEO: Getting all the details of a local business into Google is important, and this plugin focuses on that. WooCommerce SEO: Get details like price, availability, reviews, and more to search engines. WooCommerce Local SEO: Combines the features of both Local SEO and WooCommerce SEO to help local stores that also have an online presence. News SEO: If youre a major news outlet with loads of content, this ones for you. Its not for blogs or press releases. Maximize Your WordPress SEO More Free SEO Training.

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